My America

from by Sad Giants

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I believed everything I was told
that the pillars that i had built
were on a foundation that's proven from time
to be stable, not a fable.
A downright lie.
Now my head is fucked up and I'm scrambling
for my own life, for a real future.
There's nothing tangible that I can glean and
no one said a thing.

A club of tight lips, just give us your money kid
and then when you're done with it the world
will open up and you will be free.
Well where's the fucking marchers,
where's the goddamn parade?
Where's the jobs, the security, where is my life
to be made? On the backs of the others?
On the graves that we dance? Look like
class is is session so let's get to the lesson
so we can just get educated right up the ass.

Welcome to America,
sometimes you're born with it, sometimes you kill
for it, welcome to America.

I just want to feel something, but I feel tired and alone
on a winding conveyor belt built on the back of the
working poor.

Kill anything that scares you, shoot anything that moves
burn the evidence and blacklist the families,
leave nothing to prove


from A Year As​.​.​., released May 6, 2016




Sad Giants Reno, Nevada

Sad Giants is the solo moniker for Bobby Benedict.

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